Greetings to All!


My name is Brett, and I'm delighted to be here and speaking with all of you.  I'm a husband and father, and in addition to that am familizarizing myself with Our Lady of Life Institute - perhaps one day I may become the first Associate here in Minnesota!

I'm a convert, as is the rest of my family - God certainly exerted a powerful pull when he brought me to the Church - my conversion was very strong and very sudden, and had an awful lot to do with the influence of Our Lady.  She has played a very major role in my faith from the beginning.  I seek to model many of her behaviors and actions as I move forward in my spiritual growth, and as Father Marie Eugene did, I see union with God as the ultimate end to pursue.

I would love to talk more with all of you about prayer, faith, and all of those good things - please feel free to respond to my posts, or to email me anytime!

God Bless,





Hi Brett

glad to meet you through your post and to know your enthusiasm.I ,too,am a convert and know that special joy of discovering every day the depth and the breadth of the wonderful Catholic Church and all it's saints.I am sorrowful I denied it's truth for so long but grateful I finally found it.My wife and I both love the "fit"of Our Lady of Life" in our lives and are seriously considering the next step of the scapula(sp).We have been involved for 3years with a prayer group in our local town and going up to canada for retreats every year.I ,too,love our "Mother's"example of faith and perseverance and also find it such a example in my daily life.Again one of those tremendous blessings that I didn't appreciate and appropriate until I became a catholic.St.Therese has always been an important saint in my life,so that also bonds me further with  "our Lady".God bless you and your family in seeking Him and His love.   Rich