We are never alone.

In the Gospel of St. John, Our Lord gave testimony to His Love for the Father, to the Father's love for Him. He tells us: I assure you that He loves you.

What a source of consolation and joy! We are never isolated, never alone. We have experienced this, but we especially have Our Lord's word: He loves you . . . The Holy Spirit from within our souls prays: Abba, Father! He is the Spirit of Sonship, the filial Spirit that takes us back up to the Father. The Spirit dwells in our souls in order to have us enter the intimacy of the Trinity. Jesus, through the life He pours forth, wants to identify us to Himself, wants to have us enter the Trinity. He is there as the Son, and we enter there as adopted sons and daughters, through our grace.

The Trinity is our family. We already belong there through faith. Light and darkness! "We will manifest ourselves": this is the fulfillment of Our Lord's irrevocable promise, the fulfillment of the life of our baptismal grace.

Fifteen Days of Prayer with Fr. Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus (New York: Society of Saint Paul / Alba House, 2009), pp. 9-10.