The triumph of Life

[...] What is this feast of Easter? Why does the Church put the repeated chant of Alleluia on our lips? It is in order to sing the triumph of God's life, the paschal triumph. Indeed, life is triumphant in Jesus; he has left the tomb, his soul, even his body, glorified. [...]

Easter is the Church's beginning, and the overflowing of the life of the incarnate Word, first in his own body, then over the whole of his Mystical Body. It is the central feast of the Christian mystery, and of our liturgy, because it celebrates this outflowing and radiation of the divine life to the end of time.

This triumph is the foundation of our faith, for in it Jesus has asserted his divinity in an outstanding way. It is also the foundation of our hope, for this life which flows out from Christ Jesus ought to flow into each of our souls and into the whole Mystical Body of Christ. And finally, it is the foundation of our charity, for within regenerated humanity, our souls, being baptised, are united with Christ and with each other, by the bonds of that charity which is no other than the triumphant life in Christ Jesus. [...]

Let us consider too, the joy of the Blessed Virgin contemplating the triumph of God's life in her Christ Jesus, whoose body, bleeding and dead, she received on Calvary. What a joy for her! joy in seeing this life in Christ, seeing it shine out in all souls - and first in those of the apostles and disciples, in Mary Magdalen - joy in foreseeing already the triumph of this life in our souls! [...]

Let us offer ourselves to the radiance of this glorious life of Our Lord. Let us allow this new leaven to penetrate us, to transform our human dough, our souls sullied by sin. Let us become this new leaven which is Christ, and not only for our personal transformation; may we too, by our actions, our prayer, our suffering, merit to be, like the Virgin Mary, sources of life, to be the true leaven, spread in the dough, to transform the milieu in which it is placed; that this new leaven may not only contribute to the outbreak of paschal joy, but also to the fulfillment of the paschal mystery throughout the whole Church of God, and more especially in the souls close to us, and of whom we have the charge; may it contribute to that fulfillment in the whole church of our times, and in the Church of the future. [...]