St. Joseph at Christmas

This pure and righteous man who with his penetrating gaze and perfect surrender had already entered into the Incarnation mystery, is now entering there again. He must be suffering from these paradoxical events he is involved in. He is certainly not responsible for them, but they must make him anxious. He is in charge, yet this grotto in the countryside is all he could find for the Virgin and Child. This saddens him, but this sadness, as did his initial anxiety about the Virgin Mary, helps him penetate into the depths of the mystery.

He hears the angels singing, he sees their light; he sees the shepherds come; the dispositions of these souls, akin to his own in their simplicity, give him joy and understanding. Joseph enters into the mystery:  with the eyes of faith, his foster father's eyes, not only does he contemplate the Child's pure beauty, but he also enters into God's mystery.

     -adapted from La Vierge Marie Toute Mere (Editions du Carmel, 1988), p. 93.