Silent Prayer

God is Love. He created us out of love. He redeemed us out of love, and has destined us to a very close union with Him. This union fulfills God's most cherished desires. God-Love needs to give Himself and finds His joy in this, a joy according to the measure of His giving.

How great, then will be God's joy when He finds a soul that leaves Him entirely free, and in whom He can pour out as much as He wants to! The secrets shared by Our Lrod let us catch a glimpse of God's joy: "There will be more joy in Heaven over the conversion of a sinner . . ."

The meeting of our love with God-Love, the affectionate exchange that is immediately established:  that is silent prayer.

(cf: Fifteen Days of Prayer with FME (NewYork: Society of Saint Paul, 2009), p. 1.