Obedient-15 Jesus is laid in the tomb

"Then Joseph wrapped the body of Jesus in a shroud and placed it in a tomb cut out of the rock, where no one had yet been lain" (Luke 23:53).


Time presses, night is falling. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus wash the body of Jeus, and putting in myrrh, and bandaging it, they wrap it in a shroud . . .

O Mary, you see all this, you help perhaps. And these brave men carry away the body of Jesus; nearby there is a tomb belonging to Joseph of Arimathea, and they lay the corpse in it.

You follow, O Mary; night has fallen and they roll the stone into place. Now you are alone, without Jesus. When you met him on the way to Calvary he was still alive. Now he is dead, everything is destroyed: his work, the fruits of his preaching, the college of the apostles. There is nothing left but a few witnesses of this complete disaster.

And this disaster falls upon your soul, O Mary. We carry a little of the weight with you; but we have already seen the Reseurrection. At this moment, O Virgin Mary, you live, you are aware of nothing but Jesus' death. You are strong, you are valiant, you remained standing at the foot of the cross, in witness to the strength that comes to you from God, as Jesus witnessed to it in his last cry. The centurion and the soldiers have gone away shaken: "This was truly the Son of God". And you, O Mary, what do you say, what do you think?

In this disaster, in this night, you probably have no light, no thoughts, you simply live the disaster. John goes to take you away, for you belong to him now, because you are his. He will take you to Jerusalem, to his home; we will follow you there. For a few hours we have no one but you.