Obedient-12 Jesus is nailed to the cross

"They crucified him, and the criminals . . . The people stayed and watched" (Luke 23:33-35).


The executioners set to work, they are used to it; in a few moments you are fixed to the cross. The two thieves are also crucified. Nails are driven into hands and feet, the cross is raised.

I adore you, O Jesus, upon the cross. You dominate the crowd, you dominate the world, not only the world of your own time, but the world of all times. You are the great spectacle: Jesus on the cross. From there you reign, from there you will reign.

I adore you, O Jesus, on the cross, a living book, the book of your Passion, the book of your triumph and of the triumphs of the Church. Teach me the language of this cross. It is always a scandal, always foolishness. Even we Christians, we who want to follow you, we have difficulty in deciphering its language, in gathering its lessons; we have trouble above all, in understanding its application to our own lives. This language of the cross is, however, a universal language, the language of every Christian, of every faithful soul.

Jesus, let me look well on you. I will come back to see you in this state, to see your body sagging, your chest heaving, to listen, too, to the blasphemies, the taunts of hell, of those who see your crucifixion as a triumph.

O Jesus, I pray for all those you are crucified at any time, for those of our own epoch. Explain to them the language of your cross, of your crucifixion.