Obedient-10 Jesus falls the third time

"I must receive a baptism, and great is my anguish until it is consummated" (Luke 12:50).


Now we are at the end; Jesus, you see the place of your death; you know it, you recognized it on your way to Jerudalem. And now the sight of this place, the preparations being made, overwhelm you. The demons roam around, their rage extreme. The darkness that is closing in on you interiorly, grows worse. It is like a glimpse of hell. You fall under the pressure.

So that is how you approach the place of sacrifice. What a triumph of death over life, of hell over heaven, of the demon over the incarnate Word! This is how the Redemption has to be accomplished.

I adore you, Jesus, in your collapse. I adore you profoundly, because you have fallen, because you lie on the ground. You are there, the sinner (1) before the divine majesty. Help me to take up this attitude, your own,that of the publican who stayed at the back of the Temple. I am a sinner lke him, I want to be a sinner like you, O Jesus, Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

(1) This expression, used several times by Father Marie-Eugene in his meditations and sermons, is to be understood in the light of Isaiah (52:13 - 53:12) and of Saint Paul (2 Cor 5:21). Jesus, infinitely holy, never committed sin, but in order to save us he assumed the weight of the sin of the world and thus its grave consequences: suffering and death.