Mary, Mother of the Risen Lord

"Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you . . . Then you shall be radiant and your heart shall thrill and will be full . . ." (Isaiah 60:1,5).

[...] Let us consider the Blessed Virgin on the day of the Resurrection [...]. We left her, on Good Friday evening and during the day on Holy Saturday, plunged in a suffering of which we can hardly have any idea. [...] In this suffering, in this sea of sorrows, which seemed to be trying to drown her in its bitter waves, we were able to discover a flame: the tiny flame of hope [. . .]

And now, today, Jesus is risen, and he shows himself to her. What a joy! On the day of the Visitation she had sung: "My soul glorifies the Lord, and my spirit and all my soul and all my being thrill with joy". How she must have thrilled with joy on the day of the Resurrection! her whole soul must have trembled with the hope that now seized upon its object. [...]

Yet another hope, or rather, a reality of spiritual motherhood has been added to her, which is already becoming active. This risen Christ diffuses life; it springs from him in waves of light and life, with incomparable power. [...] As she saw this wave of life welling up from the whole of Our Lord`s humanity, she realised at the same time her own association with this fruitfulness. There, too, the Holy Trinity had need of a mother. Mary had been a mother, from the day of the Annunciation, when she became the mother of God, that the Man-God might come into the world, that the hypostatic union might be made real. And now she felt more than ever how much she was a mother. From then on her maternity would reach to the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church which he was to build. [...]

Let us salute the spiritual motherhood of the Blessed Virgin, let us salute the Mother of Life. See her in her fruitfulness, in her immaculate beauty and purity, but at the same time, in her maternity. It is Our Lady of Life, the Blessed Virgin in her spiritual maternity, to whom we direct our prayer, our filial praise and our affection today.

And you will ask the Blessed Virgin, Our Lady of Life, to be for each of you, the Mother of Life, that she may be so, fully, that her fruitfulness may be fully achieved, not only in the measure of our desires, but in that of God`s designs.