Mary, Hope in the Night

At the foot of the cross the Blessed Virgin remained standing, sorrowful but great and strong, a veritable power. John was near her, suffering too. Among those whom Jesus had chosen he was the only one at the foot of the cross. He took possession of the Virgin Mary, he took her as his own mother. What audacity, what a grace, yet, for the moment, what a sorrowful burden! [...]

The cross is our hope. O Mary, you are our only living hope now, and we draw close to you. Does not John give you, at this moment, along with sovereign respect, all the filial affection and tenderness he has for Jesus? [...]

John has given you the upper room in his house in Jerusalem. You are there, probably, with the holy women, with your sister Mary, who was at Calvary, with Mary Magdalen perhaps, and some others. They certainly understand your need for silence. [...]

We, too, O Mary, would like to remain silently near you, to see you, to show you, by our silence, our affection and our respect. We would like to enter into the depths where your soul is to be found; we would like to relive those hours with you. [...]

You are alone, Jesus is no longer with you. In this obscurity in which you find yourself at the present moment, the powers of evil are active, you feel them raging; [...] The climb to Calvary and the three hours on the cross all passed in the atmosphere of hatred which they created. [...] The devil seems to be the master of the world, of the atmosphere; he affirms his power and royalty in this situation.

O Virgin Mary, you feel him, and you take refuge in the depths, escaping by faith from his action by which he wishes to take a grip upon you. You enter by faith into the darkenss, you remain there peacefully in hope . . . Stabat Mater; you remain standing as on Calvary; you keep this attitude in the serenity of your soul. [...]

O Virgin Mary, from today on you demonstrate to us the power, the efficacy of the substantial word spoken yesterday, by Jesus on the cross: "Behold your mother". You are truly our mother; we wanted to be your consolers, but faced with your attitude, in the atmosphere you create, in the light and peace that radiate from you, we cannot, and we do not want to be, other than children. O Virgin Mary, our mother of Holy Saturday, set the imprint of this day upon our souls; help us to preserve all that flows from you at this hour. [...]

Today we remain close to you so that your teaching may be impressed really deeply upon us, so that we will know how to act as you do: to suffer, to be overwhelmed by suffering, yet in a hope that is always alive, even though this hope may seem to be deprived of all human support and every natural motive for hoping. May it rest on nothing but God's word, the word of Jesus, on an entirely naked faith.

It is through this naked faith, this hope stripped of everything else, that we enter into the paschal mystery of the Resurrection. [...]

O Virgin Mary, tomorrow, this evening even, be a mother for us, the mother of the life of the risen Christ. Be a mother for each one of us, for all whom we love, for the Church, for the world. May the world share in the peace that radiates from you.