Humbly, let us give Him this joy . . .

"Jesus is calling us, already, each one of us, by our name that has existed from all eternity; one day we will know it; ... that name does exist!"

Here I am before you, Lord;

May this moment be entirely Yours.

Little does it matter where we are on the journey. Humbly, let us give Him this joy. A wellspring is gushing forth for us:

"We need to know our God. We need to open our hearts and believe in the incredible love that is in God, believe in this immense joy that God finds in going beyond all the weights and measures of justice, beyond all the barriers of our insufficient merits, He wants to give freely, He needs to give freely."

cf:  Fifteen Days of Prayer with Father Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus (New York: Society of Saint Paul / Alba House, 2009), pp. 5-7.